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Jan 19: Website Address Change
From 2nd March 2015 the web address for this website will be moving to please update your bookmarks
Sep 23: Finstat
Effective 1st January 2015, the Lithuanian Litas currency (MXKLTL) will be removed from the CUR2 and CUR4 files. This is due to Lithuania adopting the Euro.
May 31: CGT Workshop
Are you up to speed with the latest CGT rules? Book a place on Interactive Data's CGT Workshop
Sep 27: TaxView
Interactive Data are proud to announce the release of the new TaxView online taxation product. Click here for more information.
May 31: Securities Information Bureau
Interactive Data are delighted to introduce a new pay as you go information request service that could eliminate the need to undertake time consuming research. Click here for more information.
Securities Taxation Services

Interactive Data provides a wealth of valuable securities taxation information on thousands of UK, Irish and international listed securities in online, CD-ROM and print formats.

Securities Taxation Web

Subscribers can access our services via a dedicated website, providing instant access to the latest data where and when you need it.

The service consists of several modules:

Key features and benefits:

  • Services can be customised to meet your individual needs - just choose the modules you require
  • Easily accessible via a dedicated website - providing instant access to the latest data where and when you need it
  • No need to store books, set up servers or install updates - saving you both time and space
  • Regular updates across all services
  • Over 25 years of capital changes and dividend history
  • No need to share multiple user licences available
  • Time-saving hyper text links to view capital histories and name changes

Our Securities Taxation services are used for:

  • CGT Calculation
  • Completion of CGT and income tax returns
  • Portfolio management and investment decisions
  • Tax planning

Our Securities Taxation services are also available in print and CD-ROM formats.

For pricing and purchasing information on any of our service formats, email or call
+44 (0)20 7825 8100.